The excitement of drywall was actually lost on me.  My parents did a lot of renovations and builds growing up so I didn’t have a problem picturing the walls when we just had studs.    But it is progress and I know there are a lot of exciting moments right around the corner.  Cabinets will … More Drywall!

House Update:

We are still trying to sell our house in North Carolina and are saving up for the new house…so we don’t do much…we go and look at the new house progress.  So that’s all I have to talk about. April 10th:  Basement walls   April 23rd: Began Framing!  Sitting on our front porch…kinda of… After … More House Update:


Imagine my surprise when I was attempting to show my sister in law our lot and there was a giant hole!! A neighbor had told me that they only break ground on Wednesdays, so that’s what I was expecting.  What a fun surprise it was to have it started a day early! I believe they … More GROUND BREAKING!!

Waiting to Break Ground

I thought we were supposed to break ground late March.  We’ve been patiently waiting with multiple visits to the neighborhood.  Apparently we’re waiting for permits.  I’m starting the think this may just be a convenient excuse.  Btw, we break ground this Wednesday!!  April 6! We have met a few neighbors.  This neighborhood is AMAZING!  Exactly … More Waiting to Break Ground


I feel like we’ve been waiting all month to break ground.  Our pre-construction meeting was pushed back to March 11, but they assured us this wouldn’t change our start date of March 24th. The Pre-construction meeting was quick and somewhat painless. Somewhat. Eric was great, seemed very attentive and on the ball.  I was faced with … More Pre-Construction

Trunk Club Review

So I finally ordered a Trunk from Trunk Club for Women.  I did Stitch fix a couple times this past Fall, the first was great, the second was a major fail. Trunk Club is basically like Stitch Fix on steroids.  The company is owned by Nordstrom so you know you’re getting quality merchandise.  There is … More Trunk Club Review

Costco -vs- BJs

Back in NC Costco and SAMs were the only option for warehouse stores.  Costco was an easy win, and I loved shopping there. Once I started getting settled in Maryland I made a trip to Costco to get some favorite essentials found only there.  My Costco must haves include: Frozen Individually Wrapped Organic Chicken Breasts … More Costco -vs- BJs

Building a new Life

We recently made a move from Coastal North Carolina to a suburb of Baltimore.  While the area seems very fun and exciting, I would be lying if I said I won’t always miss the beach. D is so excited about the many professional sporting teams in the area. Not only does Baltimore offer football and baseball … More Building a new Life

Rent The Runway

One of the great things about being a mom is spending all your money on tiny articles of clothing that will only be worn a few times before being outgrown or stained beyond wearability.  Just kidding, buying unusually expensive kid clothes actually sucks.  However, it seems to be mom trend, spending more money and time … More Rent The Runway